Trust science to do the incredible. A group of scientists at Harvard University has undertaken a mission set to change the way we see the sky. The project in question involves spraying the sky with the intention of blocking harmful sun rays. For this quest, the experts will use high-altitude airplanes and believe they will prevent global warming from taking a serious pace.

Are We Changing the Weather for Good?

Today, changing the weather for governmental purposes doesn’t seem as farfetched. In fact, the science behind this occurrence is known as ‘solar geoengineering’.  As part of the process of protecting the environment, spraying the skies has never been done before, and is expected to take full effect in 2019.

Harvard specialists are paying extra attention to the materials to be used in this project. Initially, the team planned on using aluminum but finally changed it to calcium carbonate. With this, the team expects to find suitable alternatives for cooling the earth, similar to that of a volcano eruption.

This experiment is called Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx). Published in Nature Magazine, here is how the team plans to enforce it:

‘If all goes as planned, the Harvard team will be the first in the world to move solar geoengineering out of the lab and into the stratosphere, with a project called the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx). The first phase — a US$3-million test involving two flights of a steerable balloon 20 kilometers above the southwest United States — could launch as early as the first half of 2019. Once in place, the experiment would release small plumes of calcium carbonate, each of around 100 grams, roughly equivalent to the amount found in an average bottle of off-the-shelf antacid. The balloon would then turn around to observe how the particles disperse.’

What is The Experiment’s Main Objective?

Although the project is taken with a hint of a doubt by many, it has an all-beneficial goal in mind. Namely, the experiment is not only beneficial but also has all the paperwork needed to conduct it. By releasing calcium carbonate, scientists expect to change the particles in the sun which are directly affecting climate change and global warming.

How Will People Deal with Sky Spraying After-Effects?

Already, people stated they have noticed many different colors and substances in the air, especially aluminum. This only goes to show that geoengineering is well upon its way and happening.

What is more, people have already noted they not only see colors but also detect smells and moisture in the air which has not been seen before. People described the new smells similar to TV static, and have reportedly experienced symptoms similar to the flu, too.

How Valid is This Concern?

Some already believe that spraying the sky is no news, while others refuse to accept that elements like aluminum and barium are released in the air daily. However, with all the paperwork at hand, it is difficult to ignore that this experiment will eventually see the light of day.

Global warming is moving at a fast pace and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. But, whether fighting it is just as dangerous to our existence, is still up for debate.


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