Study Reveals How Smudging Does A Lot More Than ‘Clear Evil Spirits’

Have you ever heard of smudging?

Smudging represents a century-old art of cleansing a space from negative vibes and energies. The process of smudging is done by using herbs and represents a ceremonial practice which can also be used daily or weekly.

Many herbs are known to contribute to a better mood and change the energy in an environment. Sage, for instance, is among the leading and most effective herbs which offer strong cleansing and purifying properties. Sage, among other herbs alike it, is able to introduce negative ions, which later trigger a better mood and an improved energy field.

Mostly, we find calmness and serenity in nature, which is also where plenty of negative ions exist in their genuine form.  Cleansing and ever effective, negative ions are able to not only purify the air but also help deal with pollen, spores, strange smells, smoke, bacteria,and dust, among others.

Some of the causes of suffering these problems in the first places include excessive use of electronic devices and having too many dust-attracting items.

This is where smudging can help solve the issues. Smudging is actually a successful technique which delivers a cleanse providing the same quality of air as going to the mountains.

As per Cat Criger, an expert in the field working at the University of Toronto, smudging is highly beneficial when executed properly.

‘To understand the protocol means you have to learn something about aboriginal people. So in a sense the medicines are working in a kind way, saying ‘learn about me and we can respect each other and we can walk together,’ he explains.

According to a research paper, released in 2006, using smudge sticks can completely eliminate health-threatening bacteria. As the authors of the research state: ‘The most frequent medical indications for medicinal smoke are pulmonary (23.5%), neurological (21.8%) and dermatological (8.1%).  A very large list of pathogenic bacteria was shown to be absent in an open room after a remarkable 30 days following treatment, leading the authors to conclude, “We have demonstrated that by using medicinal smoke it is possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space.’

8 Main Smudging Benefits

Smudging offers an array of favorable benefits, including:

  • Boosting the focus and concentration in a person.
  • Cleanses rooms from a negative vibe.
  • Reduces symptoms of grief, stress, phobias, depression, and anger.
  • Purifies the air and keeps the pollen, allergens, pet hair, mold and dust away.
  • Serves as a cleaning agent.
  • Eliminates free radicals.
  • Reverses signs of premature aging.
  • Stimulates greater
  • Ameliorates sleep.

How to Do a Home Smudge?

If you want to harvest any of the aforementioned benefits, you can easily perform a smudging session at home.

‘To understand the protocol means you have to learn something about aboriginal people. So in a sense the medicines are working in a kind way, saying ‘learn about me and we can respect each other and we can walk together,’ ” Cat Criger notes. ‘Native American medicines must be treated with reverence, so once you’ve acquired the herbs, clear out a bookshelf or an honored place in your home that is above waist height to store them. You may want to find birch baskets to keep them in.’

To smudge your space properly, you will need to work on your awareness and take your time in the process. To do the perfect smudge at home you will need:

  • Semi-dried white sage,
  • A place where you can light the fire, such as a bowl or a container.
  • A fire source, from matches or a lighter.

Here are a few tips on how to get started smudging at home:

  • Open up the windows and make sure the air is ventilated. Light the fire and bring the sage closer so it can attract the flame.
  • Blow out the flame and let the sage smoke.
  • Move clockwise in your home, beginning at the main entrance.
  • Wave the sage smoke in the air lightly and focus nearby corners, windows, and
  • Do this cleanse in storage areas as well, like your cabinets or closets.
  • Let the sage burn out completely, once done.

A Cleanse for Your New Home?

To bring in positive energy into your new home, close every opening to the outside. Once you lose the doors, windows, and vents, cover the mirrors and open all cabinets and storage spaces. Also, make sure your electronic devices are turned off during the purification session. Repeat the instructions listed above and marvel the wonderful after-effects in your new house or flat.

What is The Best Time to Smudge?

Ideally, you should perform smudging a few times a year. However, that a weekly cleanse can be just as effective as a monthly smudge. Fix your thoughts on eradicating possible negative energy build up and cover the entire area of your home when smudging.



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