Teen Invents Bra That Can Detect Breast Cancer Early, After Almost Losing Mom To Disease

Traditional medicine still finds it hard to deal with breast cancer. Despite modern medical technology, catching any type of cancer, and especially breast cancer early is still considered difficult. Breast cancer is one of the leading types of cancers affecting women of all ages and backgrounds. Spotting early signs and symptoms of breast cancer is difficult which is where a young Mexican boy steps onto the scene, offering a solution.

Mexico-native Julian Rios Cantu, who is just 19 years old, invented a medical bra which uses technology smart enough to detect early breast cancer indications. The idea came to the teenagers after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer herself. Cantu’s mother experienced breast cancer as a result of not noticing early warning signs. What is more, doctors even found additional lumps in her breasts which ought to be malignant, but weren’t.

A Boy with a Plan

As a result of the harsh diagnosis, Cantu’s mom lost both her breasts and decided to do something about it.

‘My mom could have had a better outcome if she had been diagnosed earlier, but because of the high density of her breasts, the X-ray missed the tumors. At that moment I realized that if that was the case for a woman with private insurance and a prevention mindset, then for most women in developing countries, like Mexico where we’re from, the outcome could’ve not been a mastectomy but death,’ he explained.

Cantu did all research necessary to start his invention and got to know breast cancer up-close and personal. A few business deals later, and governed by a great team of people, the boy finally had a product in sight. A bra, so powerful, that it could detect the earliest signs of breast cancer. The company which develops the bra is called Higia Technologies, and the product itself was named EVA.

A Product Worth Using

The bra is defined as ‘the first intelligent, portable, and non-invasive wearable designed to detect abnormalities in the thermal patterns of the breast, an indicator for the possible presence of breast cancer.’

In addition, the bra is packed with sensors which acquire thermal information from the breast surface.

The thermal date can discover if there is a breast tumor growth, based on the fact that tumors provide more heat than usual. This is so because tumors show an increase in cellular reproduction.

‘This causes a hot zone around the tumor that EVA analyzes to generate a risk evaluation through Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms, then, generate a risk evaluation in a matter of minutes,’ the company elaborates.

The bra works great for self-examination and offers a more in-depth approach.

‘This allows a professionalization of the auto-examination, complementing the conventional methods of diagnosis and screening,’ the official website notes.

Facts Don’t Lie

It is also worth knowing that the bra has been inspected times and times again before being released for mass use. In fact, the EVA bra shows an 87.9% success in detecting cancer, all with at 81.7% precision thus far. A study analyzed the bra on 153 women, 33 of whom were already diagnosed with breast cancer. The bra is expected to rise in popularity and use, and it has a good reason for it, too. This exceptional new medical tool will likely put a stop to a century-old battle between women and breast cancer.

A Global Support

Higia Technologies is also supported by many other mega companies, who are happy to invest in a health-changing revolution. Some of the brands that contributed to the company’s progress include Y Combinator, Dropbox, Airbnb, Stripe, and Reddit.

And finally, a company named among the ‘30 Most Promising Businesses of 2018’ by Forbes Magazine Mexico definitely makes you think of quality, precision and health prevention.

Source: life.gomcgill.com


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