The More Coffee You Drink, the Longer You Live, Says Huge Research Report

Most of you enjoy having their first cup of coffee in the morning saying it’s the perfect way to start off the day. Coffee is a ‘must’ during breaks at work, and some like it after their lunch. You may drink one or several cups of coffee throughout the day, but you will definitely agree that this routine keeps you going.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and millions of people consume it. But, is it healthy for you? That’s the question health-conscious people ask, mostly because they are worried that coffee can harm their health. Coffee is high in caffeine which makes it an excellent stimulant. When consumed in excess, it may trigger an addiction. Expecting moms are advised to avoid coffee because their babies cannot metabolize caffeine properly.

However, coffee is a healthy product, and offers several powerful benefits. There is an ongoing debate regarding the link between coffee and longevity, and we have the answer for you.

The connection between coffee and longevity

Some may disagree with this, but science has given us enough evidence to convince us that coffee helps us live a long and healthy life. A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom opens up a brand new aspect of this debate. It’s based on coffee, longevity and metabolism.

A group of researchers at the US National Cancer Institute and Northwestern University used data from the UK Biobank to follow the mortality of a massive study group comprised of over half a million participants. They covered the data from a 10 year period, analyzing the number of cups participants took on a daily basis. They also used a non-coffee drinkers as their reference group. Researchers also “investigated potential effect modification by caffeine metabolism,” or the impact of their ability to metabolize and use caffeine quickly or not.

The hazard ratio helped researchers to illustrate the effect coffee has on participants’ health and lifespan. A ratio of 1 suggests there is no observable impact of coffee consumption. A ratio of 0.5 means that coffee consumers have 50% risk of death similar to non-drinkers. Participants who took 1-8 cups of coffee every day were given rations ranging from 0.94 to 0.86. the results showed that coffee consumers had a 6%-14% lower risk of death, and that’s an important number.

It is interesting to note that participants who had 8 or more cups of coffee every day had the best results. We are usually told that 400mg of caffeine is the maximum amount we can take per day, but 8 cups contain much more than that. That’s where metabolism jumps in. Those who can metabolize caffeine quickly or have a higher caffeine “tolerance” actually drink more coffee on a daily basis. This gave them more health benefits and the lowest risk of dying when compared to other participants.

We are not trying to say you should drink too much coffee, but try to stick to the right amount and avoid all those creams and sugars. Enjoy your first cup of coffee in the morning without feeling guilty. You are doing the best for your health, and every sip is doing wonders to your body.



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