These 21 Women Who Ditched Hair Dye Are Inspiring People Everywhere to Rock Their Grey

Grey hair has, without any good reason, become something to fear among women. Grey hair indicates old age, it is not appealing to look at …you name it, we heard it. However, among the existing stereotypes, there are a few female rule benders of which we are particularly proud.

These women not only wear their grey hair with pride, they also serve as inspiration to other women struggling with grey hair. Why hate your grey hair anyway? This is the main motto of 21 bold and empowered women who decided to let go off society’s ideals of beauty.  When it comes to grey hair, men are feeling very honored to wear it. What is more, men wearing grey hair even earn the title ‘silver foxes,’ whereas women get scrutinized in not ‘taking enough care’ of themselves. The absurdity of this entire situation is now put to rest, as more and more women embrace their silver locks and actually love them.

What Causes Grey Hair?

In our body, there are specialized cells knows as melanocytes. These cells are in charge of melatonin production, which is responsible for giving us our hair color. Once melatonin production decreases, our hair begins to turn grey. In some cases, the same can happen if the hair absorbs enough natural hydrogen peroxide, which is known to bleach the hairs. Depending on your genetics, the level of melatonin in the body is different for everyone. Typically, white-tan people begin losing hair in their thirties, whereas others, such as African-Americans, experience grey hair a decade later.

Below, have a look at these 21 fabulous women who instead of hiding it, decided to make a statement of their grey hair.

      1. A Proud CEO of Grombre!For Martha Truslow Smith, a 26-year-old, having greay hair earlier in life was nothing to be upset about. With around 83,000 followers, Smith proves that women can be young, perky and wear their grey locks like an accessory.
      2. Silver, Like the Mood
      3. Grey Even Looks Great When Pregnant
      4. 50 Shades of SilverSmith has first got her grey hairs when she was 13. Instead of dying her hair, she decided to find a way to make grey hair something that makes her stand out from the crowd. In that effort, she also founded Grombre, a company which empowers women to love their grey hair. 
      5. Like mother, like daughter
      6. Shine on You, Silver Goddess!
      7. Curly and Grey – A Match Made in Heaven!
      8. Vivid, Curious and Playful
      9. No Cover-Up-This is Who I Am!Even though her hairdresser was all for dying her hair, she felt like she would do her grey locks injustice by hiding them. 
      10. The More Grey Hairs, the Merrier!
      11. Wild and Grey Hair, Don’t Care!This incredible lady found the perfect way to love her grey hairs even more. Watching X-Men, she developed a Rogue-inspired self-confidence which makes her look and feel rock-an-roll! 
      12. Let the Waves Flow in Silver!
      13. Exotic and Exciting!
      14. A Silver Braid Anyone?
      15. Bride Does Grey With Pride!Instead of hiding her grey hairs because it is her wedding day, she decided to show off her silver locks just because it was her wedding day! 
      16. Light and Fun!Greying at only 11, this precious lady quit dying her hair at 26. Isn’t she a stunner?
      17. In Tune With Nature’s Greys
      18. The Most Shimmery Speck of Silver
      19. Crowning glory
      20. Frizzy and Greying in Style!
      21. The Family That Greys Together, Stays Together!

        There is absolutely no need to be ashamed of your grey hair. Instead, give it the TLC it deserves and make it your own statement piece. Wearing hair as an accessory – why the heck not?



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