This guy built a ‘glitter bomb’ and filmed Amazon thieves getting their just deserts.

Stealing someone’s Amazon package does not seem like the brightest thing you can do. Unfortunately, Mark Rober had to deal with such problem as he noticed that some people like to steal his goods. The best part came when he caught the guys on his home camera.

Rober realized that something is happening to his Amazon packages, and went straight to the police to report the crime. Well, the police officers did not have enough time or will to initiate an investigation. It is not like they needed to do a lot. Rober did almost everything. He caught the thieves on his home surveillance camera, and the police had to catch them. That’s all.

Mark Rober had fun creating his “bomb”

The robbed man did not want to do anything vile or stupid, but was not willing to let things go. He constructed the ultimate “glitter bomb” and placed it inside a fake package. So smart!

The package was also “decorated” with four Internet cameras because Rober wanted to film the tiniest detail of the process. Let’s not forget to mention that he also packed it with fart spray.

So, when thieves lay their hands on the fake Amazon package, the glitter and fart spray will turn on every 30 seconds. The video was available online. How could he miss the party?

Rober decided to add a sweet hint to the “bomb,” and created a fake return address. He used the name and location of the “Home Alone” movie. It took 6 months until the “glitter bomb” was ready for use. He made sure everyone realizes “this is not a prank channel,” and enjoyed confronting the first thief. It will definitely bring tears to your eyes.

Lesson learned: Never steal someone’s Amazon package.


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