This is Wiley, An Adorable Dalmatian With A Heart On His Nose

We all love dogs, but this Dalmatian is one of a kind. This puppy has a heart on his nose, and social media users went crazy for it.

Wiley has just celebrated his first birthday, and he (@hi.wiley) is already an Instagram celebrity. Around 130,000 followers enjoy his beauty, and people just can’t get enough of him.

Wiley’s owner, 26-year-old Lexi Smith, lives in Colorado. Lexy and her puppy enjoy every adventure they in the mountains. The puppy is one of the eleven puppies in the litter – eight of the cuties were boys. The most interesting detail about Wiley is the heart shaped nose. That’s what makes him special.

Photo credit: Wiley

“I had a tough choice in choosing him,” Lexi said. “The heart was there, but not fully formed to the point where I believed it would stay since Dalmatian spots change so much as they grow.”

“I chose him because the breeder told me that all he did was sleep, snuggle, and eat, so we already had a lot in common,” she added.

Photo credit: Wiley

Lexi’s dog enjoys great meals, but he enjoys his hikes even more. Wiley also likes playing at the local dog park.

“We are so lucky to live in Colorado and have the biggest most beautiful places to play in and explore. He loves hiking or going to one of the many massive dog parks here.”

It’s funny how Wiley likes car rides. The dog even sits in the front passenger seat. That gives him a good view of things.

Photo credit: Wiley

“No amount of pictures could ever fully capture all that he is and all that he means to me, he’s my best friend.”

Photo credit: Wiley

The puppy is 54 pounds and growing. He is “goofy, clumsy, sassy, hungry, cuddle, curious, wild, crazy, silly, happy…”

Lexi loves dogs and she owned too many of them. However, she admits that Wiley has the best personality than all the dogs she had met. Oh, and she didn’t even forget to mention his stubborn side.

Photo credit: Wiley

“Wiley’s truest Dalmatian traits are constantly making me laugh. Usually, it’s a giggle paired with shaking my head, laughing off total frustration from his stubbornness, but that’s part of owning the breed.”

“If you can’t laugh it off and be creative in finding a solution and training the naughty traits out of them, life with a Dalmatian would be such a challenge.”

Lexi actually loves Wiley’s stubbornness. She would never trade if for anything in the world. Lexi is blessed.

“He has the best heart, and I’m not talking about the one on his nose,” she shares. “He loves everyone he meets and is always so excited to make new friends.”

Wiley’s followers always comment about his cuteness. “’I haven’t seen a Dalmatian in so long,’ or ‘I’ve never seen a Dalmatian in person,’ are the most common comments on the account.

Photo credit: Wiley

“He requires so much attention and he’s basically attached to my hip, but that’s what I love about him.”

Photo credit: Wiley

You’d all agree that Wiley is the perfect model. Lexi started the account to document all the things he does, but she didn’t even think that Wiley would get this many followers.

“When the account first started growing I remember thinking ‘Wow, what if he hits 5,000 followers!’ I never in a million years could have imagined it would be what it is now. And it’s STILL GROWING. I am constantly amazed, shocked, but mostly so grateful. It has been a fun little adventure, that’s for sure.”



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