Everyone knows that the real-estate market is pure chaos. The costs of households escalate day in and day out, and truly owning a place is a hard goal to reach. Knowing exactly that, a bright and brilliant company came up with a genius solution – building affordable houses in a matter of hours.

Today’s homes, as per statistic, reach up to $300,000, which is a scary number to consider.

What this company is doing, is it offers easy solutions to those who are looking for practicality and usability in their home.

Instant Homes are the Key

The architect behind these exquisite home is Italian Renato Vidal, who was personally shaken by how many people couldn’t afford a home. Having the economy in mind as well, Vidal decided to build a home available for anyone to buy. And while many consider space a deciding factor in a home, these instant-built homes are more about practicality and commodity.

In fact, these homes are a dream come true for someone who loves minimalism and enjoying a great setting at the same time.

Presenting, the MADi Homes!

Today, Vidal runs his home construction company, MADi home. The company designs constructs and installs the homes, sized from 100 – 400 sq. ft. The designs are different, allowing to choose a home that suits you best.

The prices of these homes range from $18,000 to $25,000, for 150 square ft. home. At the same time, a 300 sq. ft. home can reach a price of $40,000 dollars. Even so, the prices are minimal, if you have in mind that you get an entire home in return.

As it is tight on space, many find these homes unsuitable for larger families. But, MADi offers custom-built homes which still cost far less than regular type homes. For instance, a 900 sq. ft. home will likely cost anywhere around $100,000.

Additional Company Perks

Aside from designing your perfect home, MADi also constructs the home pieces ahead of time, meaning you get a whole house. The houses are easily foldable into walls, which makes them easy to carry around and set up wherever needed. The homes also do not need to lay on basic construction and only require a little ground leveling.

The main goal of the homes is to introduce more functionality and practicality to modern-day households. Some houses also come with solar panels installed on the roof. Most houses have a set of rooms like a kitchen and a bathroom, and they all come with a grey-water system.

If the house is bigger, it may also come with a staircase. To install it, the company will need around six hours, which is not just faster, but cheaper and more available to us all.

The entire deal is completed in two months, with the house being immediately movable. If there are any other installations required, it can take up to two days before the move-in takes place.

Regardless, in terms of top-notch solutions, the MADi company is definitely living in the year 2200!

Source: awarenessact.com   theheartysoul.com

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