Science could not explain the way personalities are formed, but it can sure confirm the connection with blood types. There are four types of blood, A, B, AB, and O, but there is something special about type O. According to historic data, it was the blood type of hunters and those who had observed environment.

Type O is actually tens of thousands years old which makes it one of the oldest blood types known to mankind. This may be one of the reasons it is referred to as “special.” Individuals with this blood type are considered “universal donors.”


These individuals have strong immunity and thin blood. Statistics shows that they live the longest. It is interesting to note that these people have the strongest stomach acids when compared to individuals with other blood types.

Personality traits

If your blood type is O, you have some really amazing personality traits. You are likely to be full of energy and focused. Your features make you an excellent example of a person with strong leadership skills, proactivity and productivity.

Blood types are tightly related to personality traits. In Asia, blood types are used to predict a person’s character traits. People with type O are committed, focused, organized, practical, and conscientious. When compared to other people, these can orient in a better way as they are superior logicians.

They are The Warriors. Some of their greatest features include honesty, energy, ambition, confidence, optimism, and passion.

Healthy eating and lifestyle habits

Dr. Peter D’Adamo emphasized the “blood type” diet. According to him, people with this blood type should eat more lean meat and avoid dairy and grains. The same applies to alcohol and caffeine.

Being a “blood type O” person means that you have a lot of adrenaline and noradrenaline working throughout your body. This makes you susceptible to the flight-or-fight instinct. Try to avoid gambling, extreme physical activity (sports), especially if you are stressed and tired most of the time.

Health precautions

You are predisposed to some diseases and health problems such as ulcers, thyroid issues, and lack of iodine.

Stress and poor lifestyle choices makes you susceptible to insulin resistance, weight gain and hypothyroidism. Stress “destroys” you in various ways. You are often angry, impulsive and hyperactive.

Health recommendations

Engage in a physical activity of your choice for at least 30 minutes. Do this every time you are stressed and irritated.

How to eat your food? Just sit at a table, and chew your food slowly. Try to relax while eating your meals.

Brisk, regular workout is the real deal for you. It gives you the physiological balance you need, and also improves your emotional response. You will be surprised by the effect exercise has on your body. It provides an excellent emotional balance. Unlike other blood types, you have to be physically active to keep your health at an optimal level.

Work on your future plans and life goals. Exercise keeps you going, and make sure you eat the right food. It will make you unstoppable and invincible.


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