Woman Gets Pregnant With Triplets After First Date While on the Pill

Mesmerizing life stories are everywhere. But, amongst the many, one particularly fascinating story depicts parenthood and childbirth in a marvelous manner. For one woman, it all began with birth control pills. While we are convinced that birth control pills work in 99 percent of the cases, one woman proved that oftentimes, you can find yourself in that tiny 1 percent.

Meet Hannah Donaghue, a woman who witnessed three times the miracle, thanks to the inefficiency of birth pills. Born in Northampton, Hannah had always taken her birth control pills as prescribed. However, in her case, the pills showed no effects whatsoever. In fact, only eight years ago, Hannah got pregnant on two separate occasions, despite being on the pill at the time.

Hannah’s Journey with Pregnancy

Donaghue first gave birth when she was only 18. ‘When our daughter Megan, now 10, was born I took to motherhood straight away, Hannah explained. ‘I’d worked in a nursery so caring for her came naturally to me, but I wasn’t planning on having another any time soon.’

And even though she wasn’t planning on having another baby, the universe had something else in mind for Hannah.

‘I went to the GP and switched my pill, then made sure I took it religiously at the same time every day,” Hannah said. “But just two months later, I felt a familiar twinge and realized my period was late – it couldn’t have happened again, surely?’

Case in point, it did.

‘When I saw those two little blue lines in the window I almost fainted,” Hannah said. “I had no idea how we’d cope and was dreading having to explain to people what had happened again when I was on the pill.’

Along came baby Charlie, who recently turned 8 years of age.

This urged Hannah to take action, so she switched the pill for a contraceptive implant. And while this technique worked for a while, she had some health issues as a result of it, which is why she went back to the pill.

Surprise of a Lifetime

And then, Hannah saw ex-boyfriend Ben at a party.

‘I bumped into Ben at a party. I’d known him years earlier and there was definite chemistry between us, and that night we ended up going home together,’ she noted. ‘Afterwards my period arrived as normal–but two weeks later I woke up feeling something wet in my pajama bottoms. I looked down and there was blood everywhere.’

To make matters more surprising, Hannah heard the words she never thought she would – she was pregnant for the third time.

‘I lay on the table and the sonographer ran the scanner over my stomach. ‘There’s one heartbeat’, she said. ‘And there’s the second one,’ Hannah recalled. ‘I thought I’d misheard her. How could there possibly be two babies in there? ‘And there’s the third one’, she added. What? She was telling me I was pregnant with three babies?!’

A Happy Ending

Finally, Hannah and Ben continued dating and began getting ready for their life with triplets.

‘The triplets have more than doubled our family and we are looking to move to a four-bedroom house, as space is currently tight for a family of seven. I’ve also traded in my Mini for a seven-seater car – and I’ve well and truly given up on the pill,’ Hannah stated.

‘But we do have five little miracles to thank it for – they were obviously meant to be,’ she elaborated.

Five’s a party!

Source: tiphero.com

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