Woman Lost 125 Pounds by Making One Tiny Change Week by Week

Losing weight is one of the biggest challenges you will have in your life. Many people don’t like going the hard way, and opt for surgical fat removal. A survey released on Health.com says that 2 out of 5 people who follow specific diet regimen tend to give up within the first week. Another stat shows that only 20% of all individuals stick to their diet.

You’d all agree that dieting is a hard thing to do, but it is definitely possible. It requires huge willpower and determination. Dieters usually miss the bigger picture. It is really easy to lose the focus on the end goal, and sometimes it is really hard to resist the urge to munch on that juicy hamburger.

Diet slow and steady

Aggressive and fast dieting will never give you the results you dream off. This is the most common mistake people make. Drastic changes are bad for your health, but going step by step is a much better alternative.

Keely Dellit reached her life goal. She is a mom of three, and her baby-step approach was actually successful. This amazing woman lost 125 pounds within 14 months.

If you think that slimming teas or gym membership cards helped her, you are wrong. She did not even have a surgery. Keely was patient and focused, and did everything at a slow pace. It was an incredible fitness journey, and not everyone believes that she weighed almost 280lbs.

Keely had been working at a fast-food restaurant since her teenage years. It was one of the reasons that made her obese. Her pregnancies did their thing, and Keely could no longer control her weight.

“My turning point happened the day I got home from the hospital after having my third child. When I finally stepped on the scale – just days after giving birth – I weighed 278 pounds, my highest weight ever. I knew I had to make a change, not just because of the number, but because I felt unhealthy and exhausted. And because I wanted to get healthy for my three kids.”

Turn small acts into habits and build strong character

“No expensive diets, MLM scammy products or gym memberships were required. Just consistently healthy WHOLESOME eating and daily exercise. You can be a busy mum and still find time to put yourself and your health first and take back control of your life,” Keely wrote on Instagram.

Losing weight was not difficult for her. She introduced small changes in her diet. The mom of three ate small fries over medium, and was eventually able to give up on fries. Keely had sparkling water instead of soda and juice, and used brown rice instead of the white variety. Plant milks became her favorite thing to consume. It was a brand new lifestyle, and it worked really well for her .

Here’s what she ate:

  • “Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs and a small bowl of oatmeal with berries.
  • Lunch: A large salad (lettuce, avocado, cucumber, carrots, peppers) with grilled chicken or tuna.
  • Dinner: Steamed fish with a big pile of cooked veggies.
  • Snack: Protein bars, carrots sticks or natural kinds of peanut butter.”

Kelly’s diet regimen was all healthy and low in carbs. She did not drown in calories and drank plenty of water.

A day of workout won’t do the trick

Workouts can be hard for obese individuals. The baby-step idea helped Keely a lot.

“For the first six months, I didn’t follow a specific exercise plan – I just made it up on the fly: walking around the park with my children or following workouts I found on YouTube at home. But I got stronger and more confident, I decided it was time to step up my workouts, so I joined a boot camp class,” Keely said.

She let her body adjust to the routine, and increased the intensity.

“I worked my way up to these boot camp sessions every day (sometimes twice a day!). In fact, I loved it so much I became a certified personal trainer so I could actually teach classes at the gym.”

Healthy, happy and hot

Keely lost 125 pounds in 14 months. It was a big bite to swallow, but she made it. Getting fit became her priority, and that’s what made things easier for her.

If you ask Keely for an advice, she will say, “Start slow and focus on all the little successes along the way.” It worked for her, and it will sure work for you.

Source: theheartysoul.com


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