You Can Spot Any Psychopath by Looking for These 8 Warnings

How much do you know about psychopaths? Truth is, most people think that psychopaths are actually crazy people who wander the streets with knife in their hands. That’s how popular culture portrays psychopaths, and most people stick to this definition. However, things are more complex than that. Unfortunately, you may be living near a psychopath without even knowing it.

Define psychopaths

Is there any difference between sociopaths and psychopaths? History teaches us an important lesson. In the early 1800s, doctors treating mental patients found that they looked normal on the outside, but had a “mental depravity.” Doctors noticed that patients didn’t seem to possess sense of ethics or of the rights of other people. In the 1900s, the term “psychopath” was used to describe those patients. It was later changed to “sociopath” to reflect their impact on society.

Researchers used the term psychopath to describe a more serious disorder linked to genes. These individuals are more dangerous. The term “sociopath” was used to describe less dangerous people who are actually “made by” the environment.

The difference between psychopaths and sociopaths lies in their conscience or the lack of it. They have a little voice in their head telling them when they do something bad. Psychopaths don’t have this voice. They lure people into doing things and feel nothing. Sociopaths have a conscience, but it is weak and has almost no role in their life. it is really important that you remember the fact that both sociopaths and psychopaths lack empathy.

8 signs that you are dealing with a psychopath

Psychopaths look just like you. There are too many psychopaths in prison, but researchers have found that there are many of these walking around you every day.

It is not like you should stay at home all the time. This is actually the biggest myth related to psychopaths – they are not all violent.

If you still don’t know what to do, here are 8 signs to help you determine if one person is a psychopath:

  1. They feel no guilt

Psychopaths never feel guilty, and do whatever pleases them. They will never feel bad about the things they do.

  1. They don’t feel empathy

Psychopaths never try to understand other people. They do mimic empathy or sympathy. How do they know it? They observe others and mimic their behavior.

  1. They enjoy making others feel guilty

Psychopaths enjoy playing with your emotions. They manipulate people to do what they want. First, they gain your trust, and use it to get something in turn or make you feel guilty.

  1. They only value themselves

They only care about themselves, and don’t even think about their environment.

  1. They are better than others

Psychopaths believe they are superior to others. That’s how they get away without feeling guilty. They believe they are above everything and everyone around them, and that’s what gives them power.

  1. They lie

Psychopaths lie about pretty much everything in their life. This gives them power and they keep using it all the time.

  1. They get along with most people

This may be a worst characteristic psychopaths have. They get along with almost everyone in their surrounding. Psychopaths are friendly and approachable.

  1. They never take responsibility

Psychopaths are manipulative and don’t feel guilty. You will never see a psychopath that feel responsible for a thing.

If you know someone who looks like this, make sure you think again. Psychopathy Checklist Revised is a checklist created by Robert Hare and his team. This is the only way to determine if a person is a psychopath. Your “psychopath” may be just a jerk.



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